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the Viking

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well Crap. [Apr. 25th, 2006|10:23 pm]
the Viking
[Mood |dumb. I hate asking for money.]

So I've screwed up this MS150 thing, a bit. I thought it was Friday/Saturday, I don't know why. It's Saturday/Sunday, which means I'll miss my little brother's concert, which is crappy.

Also, I didn't even think about the overnight bit. My plan right now is to wing it, and worst case scenario I sleep on the ground, hugging my bike. I'll bring my hiking shorts to wear at night, they should fit in my saddle bag with some doing. Likely, I'll find someone with a tent or a car to share.

ALSO, I looked at the site and saw that pledges were due June 1st. They are. The ones in excess of my minimum pledge. Right now, I need $150 by this coming Monday. And I suck at fundraising. Really suck. I think from now on, I'll stick to rides with no charity involved, even though I like the idea. They need a special provision for people who suck at fundraising (of course, they do. It's me donating the entire amount.) :(

So here's my spiel:

Multiple Sclerosis affects thousands of people around the country. It's a debilitating condition that attacks the central nervous system of the victim. Right now there's research going on to find treatments, or prevention for MS, but like most research, it always needs a little help from the public. This is your chance. Donate what you can, there's no minimum. Every little bit helps get us closer to a cure. So if you want to donate, you can do it a couple of easy ways:

-donate online. go to http://ms150.org/dallas/donate/donate.cfm?id=183094, and you can donate using a credit card.
-write a check. Make your check payable to me, Jeff Carlsen-Landy (2900 Oak Tree Ave #12303, Norman, OK 73072), and I'll send you a receipt you can use for your taxes.

Of course, all donations are tax deductable, so the more you donate, the more you save!

Please guys, help me out. You've got two reasons to donate: helping people with multiple sclerosis, and helping Jeff get out of a situation.


I'm having a fundraiser involving anyone in Norman. ZLB Plasma Services will pay you $40 for the privelige to stick a needle in your arm and steal some plasma. It comes back in less than a week, and it's perfectly safe. Just like donating blood. It takes like 45 minutes, and you get to watch Cool Runnings, or some other equally inane movie. I'm proposing that anyone who doesn't want to help paint my house this Saturday but still wants to come to the party/cookout donates plasma with me instead. We'll go at about noon, donate our plasma, and head straight to my bank with the cash, which I will deposit to my debit card and subsequently put in my MS150 account. If I can get 3 people to go with me, that's MORE than enough! And with the spare cash, I can either give it back, or you can throw it into the pot for the party.

So to recap: You have 2 ways to earn a ticket to the party now: donate plasma (yes!) or paint my house (smelly!).

EDIT: Someone just sent me this link. I think that probably only a few people will think it's as funny as I do *cough*Josh and noone else*cough* but you guys should watch it. It's well done. Brokebike Mountain

[User Picture]From: seik
2006-04-27 10:52 pm (UTC)
loved the brokebike.

"You'll work half as hard!"
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